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We have come up with a list of frequently asked questions that have come to our attention in the past and have tried to answer them in the most concise way. What is balanced water? Service technicians who have had long experience with pools are acutely aware of the damage that can cause when in contact with plaster, grouting and … Read More

Servicing Salt Pools

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Weekly Service Calls Not Enough for Salt Pools, Study Says By Ben Thomas / 1.13.2011 Weekly chemical adjustments of salt-chlorinated pools are not sufficient to keep the water balanced, according to new research by the National Pool Industry Research Center. This conclusion is the result of a five-month study commissioned by the Independent Pool and Spa Service Association. “With a … Read More

Acid Wash

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Acid washing the swimming pool’s plaster surface is a maintenance procedure that may be needed periodically throughout the life of a swimming pool.  However, since this procedure involves draining the swimming pool and applying chemicals to the plaster, there are certain risks involved which are not within the control of the acid wash applicator performing the acid wash.  The purpose … Read More

Chlorine Wash

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In this process we are pumping the water out of the swimming pool in order to remove all debris, powerwash the surfaces and bathe it in a high strength liquid chlorine solution to kill 99% of pathogens that may be left behind after the powerwash. DRAINING WATER FROM A SWIMMING POOL Normally, removal of water from a swimming pool causes … Read More

Quality Pool Service Maintenance Plans

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We provide the following services when you sign up for weekly pool maintenance: Remove debris and dirt from the bottom. Empty skimmer baskets. Empty pump baskets. Empty cleaner bags. Skim the waters surface. Brush the side walls, steps and benches. Test and adjust water chemistry for: Chlorine, pH and alkalinity weekly. Stabilizer monthly. Calcium hardness monthly. Phosphates as needed. Salt … Read More