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A swimming pool requires a lot of patience, knowledge, maintenance and regular cleaning. Part of this involves the removal of scale deposits from the tile, pebble finish and/or stone features which form, in part, to the hard Texas water. By accelerating glass beads using low pressure compressed air, we mechanically remove the scale and preserve the underlying tile, pebble finish and/or stone. Glass bead tile cleaning is the safest, most environmentally sound technique to completely remove scale deposits from your pool surfaces. The results are far superior to using harsh acids and pumice stones which can damage a tiles glaze and grout.

  • Before we begin cleaning the tile, pebble finish and/or stone, we set up all the equipment and lower the water level in your pool 8” to 10” just below the calcium line. There is no need to drain your entire pool and waste water but we do need it low enough so we have a clear, dry surface to work with.
  • Our state of the art tile cleaning equipment is then used to clean the calcium from your pool water line.
  • After all of the calcium is removed, we then rinse and wipe down the surfaces, double checking that the everything has been thoroughly cleaned.
  • After the removal process is complete, the chemically inert glass beads simply sink to the pool bottom to be vacuumed out using our portable pump leaving your pool clean, chemically stable and ready to use. We leave no mess for you to clean up. The entire process takes anywhere from 3 to 4 hours for a normal sized pool.


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