Chlorine Wash

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In this process we are pumping the water out of the swimming pool in order to remove all debris, powerwash the surfaces and bathe it in a high strength liquid chlorine solution to kill 99% of pathogens that may be left behind after the powerwash.

Normally, removal of water from a swimming pool causes no problems.  Listed below are a few things that can happen which you should be aware of.

  1. Hydrostatic pressure may cause the pool to rise out of the ground. Pools should not be left empty for more than 24 hours without relieving the hydrostatic pressure.
  2. Once exposed  to the air, tile may fall off the pool side walls.
  3. The plaster can shrink, expand, crack, blister, flake or pop off.

These problems do not normally occur, and are beyond the control of the person who has simply drained the water.  However, the possibility of these problems occurring is mitigated by not draining the pool after hard or prolonged rains nor leaving the pool empty for more than 4 hours.


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