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Mike & Jimmy take great care of me. I manage several lease homes with pools and recently one of my contractors tried to rip me off at a Katy property... Read More

Cecilia P - Katy, TX

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Email - February 15, 2016 I just wanted to give you some very positive feedback on Abdy Maldonado. He came out today to service my pool filter which was all clogged. He showed me how to backwash the filter and then cleaned it out. He very patiently explained to me all the steps: dismantling the pump, removing and cleaning the elements, and then reassembling everything. He very graciously allowed me to videotape all the steps so that I can do it myself in the future. He also gave me a lot of very helpful pointers on how frequently different tasks needed to be done.
I really appreciate Abdy’s expertise, his patience, and his willingness to educate me, as I don’t know much about pools. He provides excellent customer service and is definitely a credit to your business! When it’s time to give out raises, please give him a big one!

Email - May 5, 2015 Thanks so much for a good job - you could've done practically anything and I would've paid, as I had no idea what was wrong with the system, but you did only what was necessary, the sign of an honest and competently run business. You'll be hearing from us again whenever we have trouble. --- William W

Yelp - April 8, 2015 My wife and I built our pool 9 years ago and loved it's look and the way it made us feel like we were on vacation when in our own backyard. We probably chose the wrong pool builder (Pacific Pools) to build our pool and our beautiful glass tiles began to fall off and the plaster cracked and our deck that is a Marbella tile cracked because of no expansion joint. It happened gradually but in the last year it was intolerable. We called Pool Tile Supply who had supplied our tile for the original pool and they recommended a couple of pool people. They came out and quoted some crazy expensive prices and ideas. One was going to take 2 months to complete the work. We then asked friends for a recommendation. Several picked a local person to send us to but his reviews were not outstanding. On the day we were scheduled to meet he forgot to show so I looked on BBB for pool remodelers in our area. I found Quality Pool Service (A+ BBB) and had Jimmy Hood come out for a look-see. Jimmy showed up on time, had great ideas about how to make the deck look new again and add an expansion joint that would resolve our issues. He would also take about 1/4 the time to do the full remodel than most of the other quotes we'd received. Our pool is now finished and we couldn't be more pleased. Jimmy was professional, his crews were polite, cleaned up after each days work, and did beautiful work. The advice we were given by Quality Pool Service was spot on and our backyard is our own little vacation again. I'd highly recommend Quality Pool Service to do your renovation. --- Mark H

Angie's List - March 2, 2015 Mike & Jimmy take great care of me. I manage several lease homes with pools and recently one of my contractors tried to rip me off at a Katy property. He told me I needed either a new pool heater for $3500 or to replace the blower for $650. Both of these estimates seemed high, so I called Mike for a second opinion. After inspecting the overall condition of the heater, he advised me that replacing the blower was all that was required and that there was nothing else wrong with the heater. His bill was $450, much more in line with what I was used to paying. I have used Quality Pool Service on all of my Sugar Land area pools for the past 5 years. He does a great job, and is always honest and fair in his estimates. I highly recommend him. --- Cecilia P

Angie's List - September 9, 2013 Jimmy was fantastic. He took his time to evaluate all the problems with the pool equipment and the pool itself. It was a swamp. They power washed the entire patio area, replaced all of the defective equipment, and power washed the pool and time. They even saved "Mr. Turtle" who had set up residence in the pool and set him free. We had a sparkling pool three days after they started. We are now on their weekly pool service. A+++++++++! --- Nick N

Angie's List - February 11, 2013 My wife and I moved into a previous owned home with a spa installed by the previous homeowner who was knowledgeable enough to do the job but not do it to code or to industry standards. We knew the spa needed work. We called Quality Pool Service and asked if they could come take care of a leaking pump and to have them explain the workings of the system as we didn't even know how to heat the spa. Based on the initial review a quote was given and agreed upon. As Mike began work he found multiple cases of things jury rigged or installed incorrectly. All through this process, which was originally thought to only take a few hours work, Mike apprised me of the problems he found, explaining in details how things should be and how that contrasted with what he found. He continued to work, never once asking for an increase in the cost and standing by his original estimate, despite the work taking several visits over the span of multiple weeks that included the 2012 Christmas season. We told him that we weren't in a hurry and that given the problems we would accommodate his schedule; we just wanted it done right. It took a while but I cannot say enough good things about his handling of very messy wiring and unconventionally installed equipment. We now have a spa that works properly and is safe.--- Matthew S